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Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie Pays Tribute To Mr Ibu

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Nollywood has been thrown into mourning once again with Mr Ibu’s demise, and celebrities are sending in their tributes, including actress Mercy Johnson.

The actress took to Instagram, to make a brief post, and paying tribute to the veteran actor, and she included a picture of a burning candle, which is the symbol of mourning.

Mercy Johnson and Mr Ibu have worked on quite a lot of projects together, and they also have a similar line of work, that is majorly comedy. Mr Ibu’s death must have hit her really hard because they had worked together.

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The death of Mr Ibu may simply be the most devastating news in recent times because, the public literally watched him fight for his life, from his illness, down to his leg amputation, and the family drama.

It seemed that he had prevailed, but the cardiac arrest he died from proved otherwise.


It was alleged that he had gotten better after the amputation but obviously not entirely because a cardiac arrest took him out.

This was announced by the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, who also made mention that actress Kate Henshaw’s mother also died not too long ago.

This means that Nollywood is mourning three people, including Sisi Quadir, Kate Henshaw’s mother and now veteran actor Mr Ibu.

Nollywood hasn’t had a break for the whole of today, as it has been news of demises back to back.