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“Give Your Offering To The Poor Instead Of Church Buildings” Pastor Kumuyi

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Deeper Life founder, Pastor Kumuyi, has recently shared an important sermon to Christians.

In a recent sermon shared, Pastor Kumuyi advised Christians to give their offerings to the poor and unemployed in the community, instead of giving their money and offerings to the church, for them to build church auditorium.


Kumuyi made the statement in his message to his church congregation, as he advised Christians to not spend money on building churches, but also help their poor neighbors who cannot afford basic life needs.

A few weeks back, it was reported that media personality Daddy Freeze had slammed Nigerian pastors who loved to live extravagant lifestyles through their church members’ funds, while they allowed their church members live in poverty.

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Freeze had expressed why he was against paying off tithes. He disclosed that he noticed that most Nigerian pastors wanted Christians to pay a tithe because it was beneficial to them. Kumuyi further warned Christians that while it is a good thing to build up the church, they must also remember that their neighbors are dying of hunger.

“Your neighbour, who does not have anything, your sisters, and your brother have nothing to send their children to school. We built DLICC (Deeper Life International Conference Centre) with all the offerings we could build.


And we can not be at ease and allow our members to d#e of hYnger and to be destr%yed because they have nothing and we have the money.

“And what if this church, like we used to do in the olden days, in the good old days that we reserve some amount of money for charity? That we allocate some amount of money for building DLICC, and the district church, and the people we’re building for are dying of henger, malnutrition, and starvation.


We should give priority to members of our church, even those who are not members. We know them, and we can contact them,” Kumuyi noted.