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AGN President Emeka Rollas Releases Official Announcement For Mr Ibu’s Death In A Tribute Post

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The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria Emeka Rollas took to Instagram to officially announce the death of the veteran actor. In his post, he wrote; “Sad Day for Actors Guild of

Nigeria. Kate Henshaw lost her mother earlier today and Mr Ibu suffered cardiac arrest according to his manager for 24 years Mr Don Single Nwuzor. I announce with deep sense of grief that Mr Ibu didn’t make it. May his soul rest in peace.”

News of Mr Ibu’s death has been floating around, with a lot of people unaware of his cause of death. This post by Emeka Rollas has helped to give an insight into the story behind Mr Ibu’s death.

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Mr Ibu hasn’t been well for a while now, as just last year, he had his leg amputated due to illness. However, he seemed to be recovering just fine, and there were even videos circulating of him in which he appeared healthy.


While it isn’t certain whether the cardiac arrest Mr Ibu suffered which led to his death was related to his leg being amputated last year, there is still a possibility that both cases are linked.


Amidst the wailing on social media, Mr Ibu’s family is yet to make an official statement, either on his page or their personal pages. This is understandable because they are probably in the throes of mourning, which has probably taken away the coherency they need to release an official statement.