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Magnus Abe Predicts That The APC Won’t Win Rivers In 2023.

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Magnus Abe, a former senator who served as the National Assembly’s representative for the Rivers South-East region, has claimed that the current wave of party resignations in the state may have sapped the APC of its momentum needed to win any elections in 2023.

Abe claimed that the main state opposition party had no future and that he had left it.

The future of Rivers State is more important to the state’s citizens than anyone’s pleasure, according to a statement from Abe released by his spokesperson, Parry Benson.

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The former senator stated in his most recent awareness campaign, dubbed Project Senator Magnus Abe-2023, that the initiative’s principal goal was to unite the Rivers people to create an economically successful and Prosperous state .

Because Rivers people are interested in what we are doing, he continued, “That is why we launched the Project SMA 2023, and the kind of reception and support the Project SMA 2023 is receiving in Rivers State plainly suggests that there are very strong prospects.”

The future governor of the state would be chosen by the Rivers people, not by Nyesom Wike, who is currently in office, according to Abe.

He noted that the governor had stated on numerous occasions that the state’s residents will choose his successor.

“The governor of Rivers State would not choose his successor if the President of Nigeria, who has more authority than the governor and is currently in office, cannot.

“The people of Rivers State will decide that matter. Let me also quote the governor, who has indicated he will let the people of Rivers State choose his successor on a number of occasions. He is a man of his word, and I know this.

Regardless of their political affiliation, Abe added, “I think he will do everything he can to foster an environment in which those who are interested in succeeding him will have a fair shot to compete.”

Abe, a former member of the NNPC Board for the South-South, added that given the fact that he has never lost an election in the state before, he stands a very good chance of winning the governorship in 2023.

How likely am I in this state? extremely good chances. Elections always go my way. Elections in Rivers State are never lost by me. The struggle for dominance makes the contest heated at all times, but a winner must be found.

“It’s crucial that we let the people of Rivers State make the decision. Whatever the residents of Rivers State decide, I am prepared to follow it. I’m prepared to submit.

The kind of aspirations and visions I have for my state are such that I need the people to work with me for us to be able to achieve anything, so I don’t even want to lead people who don’t want me to lead them. I am aware that our plans won’t succeed if they don’t select me and I impose myself on them since I need their cooperation and support.

“I don’t want to be a leader who leads the people in a direction they do not want to go. So without the Rivers p’s endorsement and unwavering backing, I don’t even want to be governor.

I will introduce myself to them and let them know what our plans are. I’ll let them know what I think the state can accomplish. I’ll let them know where I think we should go, and if they want to go with me, we’ll go there.

“It’s not a problem if they are not interested. However, I have decided to leave and do what a politician should do rather than stay and continue wasting the time of the Rivers people with the APC, which has not demonstrated any capacity in Rivers State to be able to overcome any challenges and deliver on the electoral expectations of its members.

Which is to seek out a platform that will enable me to fly their flag and offer myself, my ideas, and our commitment to the residents of Rivers State, which is where we are.

“Together, we all care about the state of our state’s future. Elections in 2023 give us a special chance to unite as the people of Rivers.” stated Abe.


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