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“You Still Get Mind Post Person Babe” Netizens React As Omah Lay Shared Memories From His London Concert

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Omah Lay made a post on Instagram, sharing memories from his show in London which he hosted a few days ago.

There were several slides on his post, but the one that caught the attention of people was the sixth slide.

In that slide, he shared a video clip, where he was dancing with a female fan. This particular clip was trending a few days ago, because female fam he was dancing with had attended the show with her boyfriend.

However, the presence of her boyfriend did not stop her from dancing suggestively with Omah Lay on stage.

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This video caused a lot of ruckus online, with netizens frowning at the act. Omah Lay has been silent since the video trended, but the fact that he posted it made some netizens unhappy, while others were indifferent about it.

Here are some of the comments about the sixth slide on Omah Lay’s post;

ayobahouston wrote, “Dude. This wasn’t your fault but you need to come out and address this. You should at least find the guy and apologize. Anyone can lose fame tomorrow. We have had Naija artists that were famous and cancelled.

Look at Naira Marley and Zino. As for the girl; she is the epitome of trash. Why people worship other humans like this is beyond me. Grabbing and kissing another man in front of thousands (now millions) for just 5 minutes and at the expense of a man that cared for you. These women REALLY need to get it together. I hardly see men behaving like this.”

gossipmilitv wrote, “No be small wahala that 6th slide done Cause for this Planet earth in the last 24 hours!!!”


big7record wrote, “Can we ignore about fafa & her crying boyfriend? And talk about how omah lay concert is one of the best afrobeats concert to attend? From the stage presence, to the charisma, to the fans, to the voice & vocals, the passion and everything is just so godly on another level fr”


308eight wrote, “Carry my own babe bro i don’t mind just make sure to return am back”








king_luggard wrote, “A gif I see my babe for omah lay concert fight go Dey”


jenni_blinkz wrote, “Baby let’s do remix that girl no do am well I can bend better”

amara_shuga wrote, “He should leave u people’s girlfriend. did they leave his own?”


itsmozay wrote, “Thanks for saving our guy Omah. Just look at what he was gonn marry”


lorrdsky wrote, “By my face I innocent, until I bend”


agentoflaughter wrote, “6th slide fans gather here”


itzqueenpriscilla wrote, “How do you feel been the most talked about”


maasoroju wrote, “Boboyi no send una sha f; he still post this babe. E kan kigbe lasan lori social media ni”


goodiesculinary wrote, “The slide you’re looking for is slide 6”

belike sharon7 wrote, “Is it just me that don’t want Omahlay to be happy so he can continue

dropping sad songs??”


thestudentconnectv wrote, “Pls nobody should come and blame Omah lay in this comment section. He didn’t do anything wrong He only

pointed our to a girl who wanted to dance with him. If you watched the video the girl wanted omah lay to pick her she was so eager to come to stage with him so is not Omah Lay fault pls”


fresh.main wrote, “Omo u still get mind 000 post am again”

ms_yoms wrote, “After everything wey you cause oma lay … you still post am, Na bad boy you be”


thekingisrael wrote, “You still get mind post another person babe, sorry ex”