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Wait Till 2027 If… – Tinubu Tells NLC

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President Bola Tinubu has warned the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to maintain peace in the best interest of the country.




He spoke at the commissioning of the Lagos Red Line rail, on Thursday, February 29.

Tinubu came hard on the Union in the course of his remark, saying the Labour Union should understand that despite its acclaimed right and freedom, it cannot fight an administration that is just nine-month-old, urging them to wait for the next election in 2027.

Society watch reports that NLC and other related unions protested on Tuesday over the high cost of living, inflation, insecurity, and hardship in the country.


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But the union suspended the two-day nationwide protest after the first day, saying its suspension was based on the fact that the street action achieved overwhelming success.

The protesters headed to the National Assembly where the NLC President Joe Ajaero, presented a letter of demands to President Bola Tinubu through the leadership of the National Assembly.




Reacting on Thursday, Tinubu said: “Allow me to throw a jab here. The Labour Union should understand that you’re not the only one with freedom & rights.




“If you want to participate in the electoral process, meet us in 2027.

“If not, maintain peace. You’re not the only voice of Nigeria.”





The President further declared that: “There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. Nigeria will be out of the economic problem; we just need to persevere and work hard”.




Tinubu said the commissioning of the Red Line was the culmination of the vision he nursed 25 years ago when he was governor of the state, calling for more collaboration between the Ministry of Transport and other states to develop railway infrastructures across the country.