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“Social Media Wasn’t A Menace When You Used It To Address The Government As Vagabond And Barbarians” Mr Macaroni Carpets Chief Of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila

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Nigerian skitmaker and activist, Mr Macaroni has tackled President Tinubu’s Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila for calling social media a menace.


The skitmaker shared screenshots of old tweets from Gbajabiamila which dated back to 2014, where he slammed previous governments, calling them Vagabond and Barbarians.

He noted how social media wasn’t a menace to him then, but now that he is Chief of Staff, he realizes that social media is a menace.

Calling him hypocritical, he stated that it has become clear that he and his government, which he called desperate see Nigerians as imbeciles.

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Urging him to fix the economy, he let him know that his mindset is wrong as people are suffering.


“Social Media wasn’t a menace when Mr Gbajabiamila used it to address the Government as Vagabonds and Barbarians in 2014.

Today he is Chief of Staff and he suddenly realizes that Social media is a menace….


“Mr @femigbaja

This was you when Social Media was sweeting you.

It is evident that you and this accidental and desperate government of yours regard Nigerians as Imbeciles!! Well, we are not!!! The people are suffering!!!

Fix up and put an end to this ridiculousness!!!!”.