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Revenue Collection By Proxy Is Eliminated In Anambra By Soludo

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Professor Chukwuma Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, has done away with the practice of collecting taxes through proxy.

The government’s decision to start implementing a new tax and levy regime in all markets, highways, and parks as of July 1, 2022, includes the abolishment.

The new system would provide digital identity for all state taxes and levies paid, and commercial vehicle operators who make daily payments would not be required to pay again in any public park.

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Additionally, they would receive 5% of any union’s earnings in order to run their separate business locations.

During a one-day town hall meeting he convened with transport and market union executive members in Anambra State, Governor Soludo announced his choice.

He ordered that caretaker committee members in Anambra markets were prohibited from collecting money on behalf of the government and said that moving forward, public parks owned by the government shall be directly handled by the government.

The governor issued a strong warning to anyone in the state who pretends to be a government revenue collector, telling them to stop immediately or face the full force of the law. He added that his administration was working feverishly to stop government revenue leaks, which, he regretted, were going into private pockets.

Soludo, who referred to Anambra as a “alpha state,” expressed confidence that the state would be peaceful, livable, and prosperous in keeping with his campaign pledges.

He believed that as one of the developed states in the federation, Anambra should serve as a model in all respects.

He explained that the need for a new tax system had arisen as the period of revenue creation following the sale of crude oil was progressively coming to an end.

The governor said that since February of this year, the Nigeria National Petroleum Company, or NNPC, has not remitted any money accruing from the sale of crude oil into the Federation Account, and that oil revenue is rapidly declining.

Insisting that he would soon offer them alternatives, he begged those who would be impacted by the new system to think about the bigger picture of making Anambra successful for the sake of all.