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Wigwe: US Authorities Give Reason Helicopter Crashed

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United States authorities on Sunday said preliminary reports suggest that the chopper crash that killed Group Chief Executive Officer of Access Holding Plc, Herbert Wigwe, his Wife, son and others was because of wintry weather conditions.

Speaking during a media briefing Saturday (3 am Nigerian time, Sunday), a National Transportation Safety Board member, Michael Graham, said officials were on the scene to gather perishable evidence.


“Witness reports of the weather conditions during the accident suggest rain and a wintry mix.

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“The helicopter was not equipped with a cockpit voice recorder or a flight data recorder. This helicopter was not required to be equipped with those types of recording devices,” Graham said.


Asked about more information on the passengers, Graham stated there were no details but added that “any names will be released through the coroner’s office” without specifying a time frame.


Meanwhile, Access Bank had confirmed the death of Wigwe and his family members in a statement on Sunday.