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Tonto Dikeh: I’m Ready For Criticism Over The Rivers Deputy Governor Race.

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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has stated that she is ready to serve as Rivers State’s deputy governor and that she has never failed in a leadership position.

Dike, a single mother of one, also said she is willing to respond to inquiries regarding the problems around her.

The actress is Tonte Ibraye’s running mate for the African Democratic Congress’ governorship in Rivers in the 2023 general elections.


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Dikeh stated, “I know that this is controversial, but yet, this is the truth: a deputy is a spare tyre, and I’m willing to be the best spare tyre every governor or every man had ever had,” on Sunday Politics, a current affairs program on Channels Television.

While stating that the ‘King’ in her name is not a title, the thespian admitted that there are issues around the name.

“I know, and that is something I’ve never really been able to get over to many people, but I think now I have to because I have to put it out there for my campaign name and initiative because I don’t want the conventional rulers to think I’m ahead of them. My son gave me the name “King,” therefore it is derived from my name. In no way, shape, or form is it a title, she declared.

In response to pointed inquiries about her personal life that potential political adversaries might make, Dikeh said, “I am honestly ready for anything. To work on this, I had three years.

“I didn’t just come out with it or emerge with it. We had plenty of time to devote to this and to work on it. I’m prepared for criticism, not criticism. Therefore, it is irrelevant from where the query is originating or not originating.

“I have failed in life; I don’t deny it, and everyone knows it. Will I fall short in my leadership, though? Have I ever been a bad leader? How many times have I failed as a mother, to start? Have I ever had a foundational failure? I believe I was one of the foundations that fought for and supported this nation during the (COVID-19) pandemic.

“There was absolutely no help; I did it on my own and to a greater extent than the government.” I went beyond Imo State. Because I cared, I did it. I’m ready for any criticism, so there. I am aware that it will happen.