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TikTok Bans Influencer Over Fake News About Osinbajo’s Daughter

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The Liberian TikTok user and content creator, who broke a false news about Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo’s daughter, Kiki Osinbajo has been banned by the platform.

News reaching benco news has it that the lady identified with the handle, @Realcharley22 has been banned from the social platform for spreading fake news.

Society watch reported that it was alleged that Kiki Osinbajo, was having an issue with the UK police.

A popular Instagram blog, Cutie Jules claimed that Kiki Osinbajo who is a few months shy of turning age 30, was recently stopped for a driving offense in the United Kingdom and worse still, was found with a huge sum of money.

“It’s likely she will be charged with money laundering if she cannot prove the source of those funds. Her money has been seized until she brings her proof. Her boyfriend is a baller so maybe it’s their money but then from which source?” the gossip blog claimed.

The portal further wrote “Vice President, has always been in the news for goodie but this may be a challenging one for the Osibanjos. Which job earns Kiki this much money? Is it her father funding her fat bank account and rich lifestyle? Is it her boyfriend?

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Is Kiki Osibanjo into fraud guys? Is Kiki using her status as the daughter of the Vice President of Nigeria to help G-boys launder money?”.

Society watch later learnt that the source of the information was from a Liberian TikTok user.

She had in a one-minute, 22-second-long video made the false allegations.

Making a U-turn, The TikTok user had posted another video recanting the earlier post on the vice president’s daughter.

The 59-second long video had over 400 views in less than two hours of its release.

The Liberian said, “I want to apologize to Kiki Osinbajo because she never got arrested. The story is not true and my source deceived me and took someone else as Kiki.

“I want to make a disclaimer on the video I posted earlier, I am so sorry, my followers and Kiki Osinbajo, she never got arrested. Kiki Osinbajo never got arrested, my inside source took somebody else for Kiki Osinbajo.”

Reacting to the news, an authoritative source in the Presidential Villa has stated otherwise.

The presidential villa source confirmed to NAN that Kiki Osinbajo flew into Abuja with her father on Tuesday when the vice president was returning from the UN World Tourism Organisation’s Global Tourism Conference in Lagos.

The source said Kiki Osinbajo was in Abuja when a viral report alleged that she was arrested in London.