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NEMA Urges Nigerians To Prioritize Safety After Mandilas Fire Disaster

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The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has called on Nigerians to prioritize safety in their daily activities to protect their lives and property.




This appeal comes in the wake of a devastating fire that occurred at the old Mandalas building on Sunday.

The fire, which started at approximately 12:11 am, is believed to have originated from electric wielding activities on the first floor of the building.

Unfortunately, the fire went unnoticed by those in the vicinity until it had already spread extensively.

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The fire service was then contacted, but by that time, it was too late to prevent significant damage.

According to Alhaja Adeniji Rashidat, the Iya Oja of the Atunwase International Market Mandilas General, the fire impacted approximately 6,700 traders, 450 shops, 30 offices, 2 hotels, and 5 restaurants.


The fire also spread to surrounding market stalls, causing equal extensive damages.In response to the incident, officials from the Lagos State Safety Commission and Building Control Agency have been present at the scene, assessing the integrity of all buildings.

As a precautionary measure, all structures have been locked down to ensure the safety of traders and the public.Various agencies are currently working together to make the scene safer for people.


These include the Lagos State Building Control Agency, Lagos Fire Services, Red Cross, Nigeria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Lagos Island Local Government Sanitation, and Lagos State Business District.


The impact of this fire disaster is significant, affecting numerous traders and businesses.