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I brought ‘hyping’ to Nigeria— DJ Humility

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Disc Jockey, Benedict Afagwu, aka DJ Humility, claims he was the one who introduced ‘hyping’ to Nigeria, and now most nightclubs have ‘hype men’.

In an interview with NAN, he said, “In my own way, I brought an innovation into the Nigerian music industry, especially when it has to do with disc jockeying and a unique way of being a master of ceremonies, which is called ‘hyping’ today. I was the person that introduced ‘hyping’ into Nigeria in 2007. Now, most clubs have hype-men.”

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On younger DJs paying homage to veterans like him, Humility said, “I do my thing without looking for credit. I don’t need anyone to give me credit but the truth remains that younger DJs have learnt a lot from me.”

The disc jockey also opined that technology has made many DJs lazy. He said, “DJs are now lazy. They no longer do what they are supposed to do. It is not as interesting as it used to be in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. It used to be something we loved doing, and we put a lot of energy into it. Those were the days when we used to ‘mix’ music on vinyl records. It allowed us to play music from our hearts.

“Nowadays, it seems anybody can do the job because they can just download software from the Internet.”

The DJ also stated that his post about Banky W and D’banj running errands for him when they newly got into the industry was not about him being boastful. He said, “I am 100 per cent loyal to the people that made me what I am today, even though I am now bigger than them. I usually give them kudos. If there is any business they can benefit from, I inform them about it and they are always happy. I helped lots of the leading artistes of today while they were still up-and-coming.

“I was the first DJ to play Banky W’s song on the radio. I was also the person he called when he was in America and asked if he should resign his job and come to Nigeria.
“I also used to lobby show organisers to give him opportunities to showcase his talent. My statement about Banky W was because they did not give credit to those who helped them on their journey to stardom. Loyalty is very important in this business.”