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Govs Are More In Full Control Of A State’s Growth Than The President, According To Fashola

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On Tuesday, Babatunde Fashola, the minister of works and housing, claimed that rather than the national president, state governors were more accountable for the growth of their states.

Fashola also mentioned that state governors were accountable for the security of their citizens in their states alongside the federal government in his remarks at the sixth edition of the Gabfest, a ministerial yearly event.

I don’t know how many people remember the points I made in my speech, but I attempted to demonstrate how much more significant the governor of my state is to my development than the president of Nigeria, he added.

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For instance, I emphasized that security was not specifically mentioned as being the sole responsibility of the Federal Government or the President in the Constitution.

“You will find responsibility for the police, armed forces, etc., which are law enforcement agencies; but you will not see the word’security’ in the second schedule of the constitution where the responsibility of the Federal Government is specified alone.”

“If you take a restricted perspective of what security comprises, you would be inclined to assume that this is simply a federal concern,” he continued.

But if you realize that these agencies typically show up when there has been a security breach, aside from any deterrence they may provide.

According to the Fashola, security is a concern for the entire government.

“The Constitution’s section 14 2(b), which uses the phrase “security,” supports this. “(b) The security and wellbeing of the people shall be the fundamental goal of government,” Fashola said of the provision.

He continued, “It doesn’t indicate which government, but in my opinion, it’s all of them—local, state, and federal.”

Security, according to him, therefore, entailed more than just the use of armed troops.

To establish a condition of concord, the minister stated, “it is the efficient application of socioeconomic resources.”

According to him, security breaches have changed from disputes over land, over which the federal government has no duty or authority, to disputes over natural resources, over which the federal government is in charge and has authority.

“Governors are equally accountable for keeping us safe. How they manage the growth of the human capital, in my opinion, is where it all begins. Because people live in states, this is more of a state responsibility than a federal one.