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God’s Fire Will Consume All Those Trying To Mess With Our Traditional Rulers – Adeboye

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The General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye has prayed that the fire of God should consume all those trying to mess with traditional rulers in the country.




Gunmen recently killed two traditional rulers in Ekiti State while another one escaped death. Gunmen also killed a traditional ruler in Kwara State and abducted his wife and another.

Adeboye, who spoke at the church’s February Holy Ghost Service, at the Redemption City, said “That’s why I can pray here right now, all those who are trying to mess with our traditional rulers, the fire of God will consume them!

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“Every traditional ruler, as far as God is concerned, they are anointed of God. So those who think that they can mess round with them, not only will the fire of God consume them, nobody in their generation will ever become great!”


However, Adeboye, added that “When the fire fell, all the prophets of Baal were killed in one day; all those who had been mocking, saying, “where is your God?” after the fire falls tonight, you won’t hear of them again. Father, let your fire fall and consume everything that is causing me sorrow.

“You need the fire to fall for protection. The best protection is that of a wall of fire. When people go to the jungle where there are wild animals – lions etc and they want to sleep at night, they always light fire round about their tent and many at times they will look out from their tent at night and they will see the eyes of these wild animals.




“The wild animals see them as food but they know to get to the food, they have to pass through fire. The Elders have a saying, “no matter how mad a dog is, he will not touch fire.” You yourself know very well you have never seen a mad man who died by burning.

“If you see a mad man and ask him to touch fire, he will laugh and tell you, “do you think I am mad?” That’s why I said those who are playing with the anointing of God, they don’t know what they are doing – they are trying to touch fire.”