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Ghanaian Woman Begins Chewing-Gum-A-Thon, Set To Chew Gum For 7 Days Nonstop

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A Ghanaian woman has sparked reactions as she attempts to chew gum for 7 days nonstop in a Chewing Gum Marathon to set a Guinness record.


The woman, known as Artise Maame, reveals that she began preparing for the Chewing Gum Marathon since 2023 and she intends to chew a piece of gum for 7 days without stopping to set the record.

Videos popping up online shows her on a seat chewing a piece of gum while a time was set on a screen beside her.

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The video has stirred mixed reactions from viewers.



____timz01 said: “Ghana people and sense na like Nigeria and good government,very far from each other”


korantemaa_melody stated: “Am a Ghanaian but this is rubbish”


skullwarriormma commented: “???????? the woman don de regret wetin carry her start this journey ???? and it’s just day 1 6days left?????????????”


__makkynwa penned: “Later now Ghana people go dey wonder why we dey always drag them like generator ???”