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‘Die If You Want To’ – Omokri Lists Those Nigerian Govt Should Give Money

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A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has said that any Nigerian who is not disabled should not expect any palliatives from the government.

According to Omokri, President Bola Tinubu should only consider giving money to school children, pregnant women, the elderly and disabled, insisting that every other person should either work, start farming, or die.


Omokri stated this during an interview with TVC, a video clip of which he shared on his official X account.

“[Bringing back the Naira to where it was two or three years ago] is not going to happen. Two or three years ago, the Naira was not floated,” he began.

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“So what you had two or three years ago was an artificial Naira. The CBN was spending 1.5 billion dollars every month to give you that rate.


“So stop expecting that you’re going to have that same rate of two or three years ago. It is gone forever. That was not a real Naira. That was a Naira that was being spent by the CBN.

“We were not spending 1.5 billion dollars on education or infrastructure. We were spending it defending the Naira. That is why we’re where we are today. The Buhari administration technically almost destroyed the country.


“We are now reviving ourselves. What the government needs to do now is give free education from nursery all the way to secondary school.


“Also another thing the government should do is that everybody from 65 years old, if you’re not earning a pension, you get to be getting something like N35,000 so that you can buy food.

“Every other person in Nigeria, as long as you’re not disabled, the government should not give you a dime. If you want to die, die! That’s what it is.”