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Daddy Freeze, Mofe Duncan, Others Slam Pastor For Insinuating Mr Ibu Died Because He Didn’t Serve God

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A Nigerian pastor, identified as Pastor Fortune Makarios has come under fire on social media for insinuating late actor, Mr Ibu died because he didn’t serve God.


Taking to his Facebook page, the young pastor compared Pastor Adeboye, who is 82 years old to Mr Ibu, who died at 62. Questioning what his fans and followers learned from this, he admonished his followers to use their lives to serve God.

The clergyman went on to pray against untimely death.


“The Man on the left is a Pastor and He is Celebrating His 82-year-old Birthday today.

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The brother on the right is a comedian and He just died at 62 today


What do you learn from this?








Use your Life to Serve GOD.


Reacting to it, Daddy Freeze, Mofe Duncan, and netizens slammed the clergyman for his statement.


Daddy Freeze reminded him that Pastor Adeboye’s son died and he was just 42 years old. He wrote, “Yet Adeboye’s 42-year-old son who was also a pastor kpai 20 years younger than Mr Ibu. Let’s bring our senses before creating unhinged narratives


Mofe Duncan wrote, “But what is this one saying? Just use your thumbs to your rubbish!!!


Daddy Freeze wrote, “If I talk say pastor na Naija problem una go begin argue. You see am?


Efe Warri Boy wrote, “Pastor Fortune is a goat. A mature goat


Big Smart wrote, “How old was T.B Joshua when he passed away? People like this make me doubt if life is real


One Kelvin Kertz wrote, “Unlike the stomach, the brain does not alert you when it’s empty


One Miss Boss53 wrote, “Even the Jesus you claim to serve died as a young man?


One Bimbo Bola wrote, “But this pastor’s son is dead also, so what’s your point? Will you tell us the pastor’s son didn’t serve God?


One Sere Sere04 wrote, “So the man of God that died in their 60s. Didn’t serve God or you are just insensitive?


One Fekomi CEO wrote, “Na God go punish you for this thing wey you type”.