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Chinese Medicine Trained Expert Claims To Have Cure For COVID-19

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A Chinese medicine trained expert and Chief Executive Officer of Ugomeddix International Nigeria Limited, Dr Ugo Hart, Thursday, disclosed of having a cure for the ravaging novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, in the country based on research.

This was made available to Vanguard in a letter Dr. Hart wrote to the Minister of Health to present his claim of the cure for the deadly virus.


According to him in the letter with the subject ‘A Plea For Audience On My Procurement Of Cure For Corona Virus (COVID – 19)’ is for the audience to prove his assertion, and for his assertion to be put to test by the relevant authorities.


He also claimed that he had achieved tremendous feats in the course of his practice as a trained traditional medical practitioner and pharmacologist, which he highlighted his cure for different sicknesses and diseases, which include over 40,000 cases of HIV/AIDS; Estimated 30,000 cases of diabetes; Estimated 50,000 cases of STDs; About 5,000 cases of tuberculosis; Estimated 15,000 reproductive system cases; Estimated 5,000 sickle cell anemia cases; Estimated 12,000 asthma cases; Estimated 7,000 cases of appendicitis without operating the patients; Estimated 9,000 cases ulcer; Estimated 5,000 cases of stroke, and others.


The letter reads in part, “I am a nature – path and I studied traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. I humbly submit that I have a wide range of experience in herbal medical practice and have been in that field since 1992.


“I am a registered member, Commonwealth Traditional Medical Practitioners Association, and a registered member, Nigerian Traditional Medical Practitioners Association. Humbly also, I have been recognized by the World Health Organization and the United Nations.


“I humbly submit that I have the cure for Coronavirus (COVID – 19) which is currently ravaging the world. All I ask is for the audience to prove my assertion, and for my assertion to be put to test by the relevant authority (s).”


The traditional medicine expert also advised the government to look inwards for the cure of COVID-19 instead of looking outside the country.


“In view of the foregoing, I humbly submit that our government does not need to seek for solution for the said COVID – 19 outside our country when we can procure the solution ourselves.


“I passionately hope that I will be granted an audience in this regard”, he said.


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