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808NG set to drop EP titled “FROM THE FUTURE”

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808NG Music frontman; Kris808 is set to release his EP “FROM THE FUTURE” this September which was postponed in August due to how big and hot the EP plans are ongoing and in respect to this, he’s set to releases the tracklists soon, He made this revelation via his Instagram handle: @808ng with a photo post.

In recent interview with him 808ng defines the EP:

The only guarantee is change.
Music is more contested right now than a Steph Curry layup. The same words keep coming up in discussion: Streaming, playlists, distribution, sampling, platforms, tech. Along with every other subject that’s been picked apart until it’s unrecognizable.

But if those words define right now what words will define tomorrow? More importantly, in what ways will they shape how the future sounds?

Music isn’t static. It’s always moving, growing, and morphing. It’s a conversation that changes every day—sometimes every second. You might not hear these words specifically.

But I guarantee they’ll be at the core of every conversation about music for the next ten years.

The 9 track EP features 2ice, RemmiQue, Trod, Blazer, Maynia, SoundBoiGreg and other dope artistes.

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